KOZAN Tanifuji  The 9th Shakulute Concert in JRY

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Photo by Brett Hufziger
  (VIP Guide Miami)
MARC BERNER from Miami, Florida, USA as a special guest

 □ Hall: 
KamiYubetsu-cho Hometown Museum
 "Media Theater"
 □ DateMay 11th(Thur.)18:00 open 18:30 start
 □ Promoter: Tanifuji Kozan-kai    
 □ Entrance fee :\1500(\2000 on the day)
             150 seats limited

      ☆ PROGRAM☆

 1.Kozan Solo: "A Talk with One-legged Gateway"(comp. by Kozan)
                           ( Kata-ashi torii tono katarai )

  Duet with BiwaNewest comp. "Snow Fairy Fantasy"(comp. by Kozan)
                                                       ( Yuki-onna genso )
                     biwa : Tazuko
Tanifuji    shakulute : Kozan Tanifuji

 3.Alto Shakulute Solo :"Improvisation & Blues"
                 "You Must Believe in Spring"(comp. by Michel Legrand)
                               alto shakulute: Marc Berner

 4.Marc & Kozan Duet : "Summertime"(comp. by G. Gershwin
                                arr. by R. Nakagawa)
             "Yesterday Once More"( by R. Carpenter & J. Bettis)
                  soprano shakulute & guitar : Kozan Tanifuji    
                  soprano & alto shakulute :Marc Berner

 5.Duet with Koto: "Song of Wind"comp. by Tadao Sawai
                          ( kaze no uta )
                    koto :Kanae Ochi    shakulute : Kozan Tanifuji

 6.Shakulute Trio : "Tennessee Waltz"by P.W. King,
                "You are My Sunshine."by C. Mitchell   
                "Eternally" by Ch. Chaplin.
                               (arr. by R. Nakagawa & K. Tanifuji)
               soprano shakulute :
Kosetsu Hirotoshi Umeda & Kozan Tanifuji 
               alto shakulute : Marc Berner

 7.Duet with Jushichi-gen koto: "An Elegy"(comp. by Katsuhiko Yoshizaki) 
                                          ( aika )
                    jushichi-gen : Kanae Ochi  shakulute : Kozan Tanifuji

         Introduction : Supporting Guests


  2005 NFA in San Diego                 2004 International Shakuhachi Festival
         Marc Berner(left)                in New York   Tazuko Tanifuji
    Back:left-Monty Levenson (shkulute & shakuhachi maker)
        right-David Straubinger(Flute & flute pad maker)


   2005 Ankara, Turkey                 2005 Kitami Art-Culture Hall  Lobby Concert
    Japan-Turkey Culture Exchange Center: Kanae Ochi    :Hirotoshi Kohsetsu Umeda(left)

 〜 Introduction : Cooperators with Shakulute birth & spread 〜


   National Flute Association 2005 Convention in San Diego      NFA 2005 Convention in San Diego
           Invitaton Performance                      Monty Levenson(right)'s Shakuhachi Booth
    Convention Center:Legency Ball Room             Shakuhachi & Shakulute Quartet
   John Kaizan Neptune(left) Masayo Norikura(center)   with Marc Berner
                                             & John Kaizan Neptune

  Please look at the pictures of All cast at
Jazz Live House "Dizzy's" in San Diego.