The National Flute Association

                         2005 Annual Convention
   ◎August 11-14, 2005

   Venue  Town & Country, 
              San Diego ,California,USA

     August 11, Thursday Evening Headliner Concert
                 “ GALA EVENING RECITAL ”  ( 15 minutes :  2 pieces )

      ●Performer:  John Kaizan Neptune(shakuhachi)
              Masayo Norikura(koto)

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      ●Program: 1."Tsuru no Sugomori"
                        (The Nesting Life of the Cranes)  7 minutes
         Composer's Name: traditional (unknown) Date of Composition probably 1600s

               2."Five and Thirteen Are Prime Numbers" 7 minutes
          Composer: John Kaizan Neptune     Date of Composition 1983

     ◎August 12, Friday Afternoon Concert (4:00−5:00PM)
 Kozan & John Kaizan Neptune Shakulute/Shakuhachi  Joint Concert
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   Regency Ballroom   John Kaizan Neptune and Wataru Kozan Tanifuji perform traditional
                folk and classical Japanese shakuhachi music and new music/jazz on
                standard shakuhachi and the shakulute: a Western flute with shakuhachi

                Shakulute               Shakuhachi 
        (Western flute with shakuhachi mouthpiece)     :John Kaizan Neptune(HP)
               :Wataru Kozan Tanifuji
            Koto: Reiko Obata(HP)     Jushichi-gen Koto: Masayo Norikura

  PARTT (15 min.) : Shakuhachi:John Kaizan Neptune    Koto:Reiko Obata

    1."Itsuki no Komori Uta"   (Lullaby from Itsuki)    traditional     
    2."Mogamigawa Funa Uta"  (Boat Song from Mogami River)  traditional folk music 
    3."Bamboo Blues"  by John Kaizan Neptune (1951-), written 1978, unpublished    
    4."Haru no Umi" (Spring Sea) by Michio Miyagi (1894-1956) written 1927,       
   PARTU (20 min.): Shakulute:Kozan Tanifuji  Jushichi-gen Koto:Masayo Norikura

    1.Shakulute Solo:"The Space Between the Forest and Lake Onnetoh"
                                    by Wataru Kozan Tanifuji (1945-)
                                     written in 2003, unpublished  6 minutes

   2.Shakulute・Jushichi-gen Koto:"Aika "(An Elegy)〜Shizumeru Hitomi
                                           (Melancholy Eyes)
                                    by Katsuhiko Yoshizaki (1954-)
                                    written in 1988          11minutes
   PARTV (15 min.)

   1."Take Five"      by Paul Desmond,      witten in 1959   5 minutes
           Shakuhachi: John Kaizan Neptune   Koto:Reiko Obata  
           Jushichi-gen:Masayo Norikura

   2."In the Air"      by John Kaizan Neptune, written in 1985   9 minutes
            Shakuhachi: John Kaizan Neptune        Shakulute: Kozan Tanifuji
            Koto: Reiko Obata        Jushichi-gen Koto : Masayo Norikura