☆☆☆ NFA Convention Performers’ Profile ☆☆☆

   1.John Kaizan Neptune
       John Kaizan Neptune received his master’s certificate for shakuhachi in 1977 and
      is author of the book SHAKUHACHI. He has composed for and recorded 21 albums, and
      is a maker of shakuhachi and other bamboo instruments.
       In Japan he is acknowledged to be among the top masters of the instrument.


   2.Wataru Kozan Tanifuji
       Wataru Kozan Tanifuji began playing flute in 1961 and later studied the shakuhachi,
      and was awarded the shakuhachi grandmaster title in 1991. He is a composer and wind
      instrument instructor in Japan, and has done innovative performance work
      using a shakuhachi head joint on the Western flute.


   3.Masayo Norikura
        Masayo Norikura began studying koto at the age of six and received her teaching degree
       in the Miyagi Style in 2000. She received an award in a koto competition that same year,
       and has recorded and performed in many different parts of the world, most recently
       with a flute player in San Diego.


   4.Reiko Obata
        A California native, Reiko Obata studied koto under U.S. and Japanese masters.
      With a master’s in music from SDSU and a Japanese master's degree from Seiha School,
       she has performed koto in Southern California for many years. She is a faculty member
      of San Diego Mesa College’s Music Department.